Friday, September 16, 2005

The Run of His Life

The Run of His Life
by Jeffrey Toobin

This perhaps most definitive book on the OJ Simpson case, written by the man who covered the case for The New Yorker. It establishes a number of things, all ugly:

OJ Simpson is a murderer.
He is also vain, narcissistic, semi-literate, cruel empty shell of a man.
His lawyers, particularly Johnnie Cochran, were cynical beyond belief, willfully inflaming anti-police and anti-white sentiment to gain the freedom of a man they knew to be a vicious killer.
The prosecutors were incompetent and arrogant in a way that allowed the prosecutors to dictate the tone of the case.
Black people are as capable of racism as white people.
The specific jurors were not just ignorant, which is excusable, but also stupid, racist and malicious, the type of people who seemed to believe that a white woman who dated a famous black man deserved death.
The judge was a starfucker who let the high-profile attorneys take over his courtroom.
The police were overly wary of dealing with a celebrity suspect, and compounded the error by refusing to admit it.
Mark Furhman is a disgusting racist human being, and may represent more of the LAPD than anyone would want to believe.

Sigh. Trial of the Century, indeed.

Discussion Question: Why does everyone suck?


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