Sunday, September 11, 2005

Twin Peaks Season One

Twin Peaks Season One
created by David Lynch and Mark Frost

As I've said before in the blog, season one of Twin Peaks is a contender for the best television ever. David Lynch being forced into a linear plot does wonders for him, and the series has some truly interesting characters, tons of dark humor and just enough of a soap-opera plot to keep you hooked. Agent Cooper is a character both unique and almost archetypical in its purity: a snow-pure federal agent with a mind like a steel trap and a deep faith in the mystical. And he looks damn good, too. Kyle Maclachlan is so good in this show that it doesn't matter that he was a part of the pool sex scene in Showgirls, aka perhaps the funniest scene in cinema history.

And, yes, the show also features James Hurley, fiction's greatest dipwad. If you've never seen this show, drop everything and immerse yourself in the strange little town of Twin Peaks. Who killed Laura Palmer? Who cares? This is good TV.

Please note that the pilot episode, which is essential viewing, is not included in the box set. I had to order my copy from Hong Kong.

Discussion question: Has any show ever jumped the shark so totally? Did it have to happen?


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